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Unexpected New Directions for the Future of Green Building

December 16, 2020 at 2:00pm3:00pm UTC

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Join us to discuss the future of green building, including unexpected insights and controversial developments that are transforming the field.

Ian Shapiro, co-author of the newly released Green Building Illustrated, 2nd Edition, will join Dr. Nina Sharifi, an Assistant Professor of Architectural Technology at Syracuse University’s School of Architecture to talk about updates to the new edition of the book, including:

  • Will central heating systems be replaced by installing heat pumps in every room?
  • Shape efficiency helps reduce energy and construction costs. How can we maximize this new metric and retain the character of external features?
  • Lighting gains by LEDs and the thermal loss of excessive glazing may sunset a favorite green building strategy. Are the days of daylighting over?

This is Shapiro’s second collaboration with Francis D.K. Ching, the illustrator and co-author of both editions of Green Building Illustrated. Ching is a well-known architecture and design graphics writer. Adobe Originals typeface, Tekton, was modeled after his hand-lettering style and is the font used throughout the book.

Both editions present a fully illustrated guide to the theory and practice of sustainable design. The new edition continues to create a typology through strategy, theory and standards, while building the visual lexicon for sustainable design and construction.

Students, faculty, practitioners and green building advocates – tune in to join the conversation about new directions in green building!

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This event was first published on December 7, 2020 and last updated on December 9, 2020.

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