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Tales of the Black Experience from 400: An Afrikan Epic

February 21, 2020 at 7:00pm8:30pm

Community Folk Art Center

The Department of African American Studies presents an evening with The Mark Lomax Quartet and The Spring Colloquium . Please join us in celebrating the African Diaspora through musical performance and discussion.

The Mark Lomax Quartet will ambitiously tell the story of Black America through a suite from 400: An Afrikan Epic, a12-album cycle released in 2019. “400” is divided into thirds and explores thousands of years of the history that is pre-colonial Afrika, the Ma’afa (the 400 years between 1619 and 2019), and Afro-futurism expressing a vision of what Blacks in America will heal toward in the next 400 years; a healthy, high functioning, and united block of the African diaspora.

Community Folk Art Center | 805 E. Genesee Street | 315.442.2230 |

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