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Science and Mathematics

Biophysics Seminar: Engineering optimal fluidic networks, Professor Eleni Katifori

January 24, 2020 at 11:00am12:00pm EST

Physics Building, 202

This event has already occurred. The information may no longer be valid.

Eleni Katifori, Assistant Professor of Physics at the the University of Pennsylvania, will present a seminar as part of the Soft Matter and Biophysics seminar series.

Abstract: Complex multicellular life is inconceivable without vascular systems. Animal circulatory systems deliver oxygen and other nutrients within microns of every cell, and thus make sure that the metabolic needs of the organism are met. The heart expends work to circulate the viscus fluid, so the network needs to be designed to minimize this work. We will discuss how the design of biological flow networks is consistent with optimization criteria related to the mechanics of the flow. However, a network optimized for dissipation or pressure drop is not necessarily optimal in equidistributing the nutrients it is carrying, and can be prone to oversupplying some areas while undersupplying others. In fact, this is an important design consideration for engineered functional microvasculature for artificial organs. We will broadly introduce some further optimization questions related to perfusion in biological flow networks and then discuss the computational and engineering challenges related to ensuring the nutrients are equidistributed. Last, we will present some design principles for optimally perfusing networks.


The Syracuse Soft Matter and Biophysics seminar series brings faculty and students together to hear from some of the most eminent researchers in the field. These talks span a broad range of topics, highlighting the interdisciplinary and innovative nature of soft matter and biophysics physics today. The structure of the seminars and intimate setting allows for open dialogue between the speaker and audience, creating a space for deep understanding and collaboration.

This event was published on January 14, 2020.

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