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Biophysics Seminar: Biomimetic Lipid Membranes from a Scattering and Simulations Perspective

March 13, 2020 at 11:00am12:00pm

Physics Building, 202

Rana Ashkar, Assistant Professor of Physics at Virginia Tech, will present a seminar as part of the Soft Matter and Biophysics seminar series.

Abstract: Lipid bilayers, the main matrix of cell membranes, host a wide range of vital biological processes and are ubiquitous in a variety of research areas at the interface of biophysics, health care, and biotechnology. In order to understand the function of lipid membranes and fully utilize their potential in pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications, it is imperative to understand the biophysical phenomena and hierarchical dynamics that control key membrane functions. Among such phenomena, membrane mechanical and viscoelastic properties remain poorly understood despite evidence of their active role in various cellular processes. This talk will highlight recent advances in neutron scattering characterization of collective membrane dynamics in the form of bending and thickness fluctuations and their implications on membrane functions. Specific focus will be placed on new findings related to the dynamic response of membranes to cholesterol content, lateral rearrangement, and protein binding events. Synergistic MD simulations of molecular and collective dynamics in cognate bilayers are used to gain further insights into the delicate spatiotemporal properties in these systems.

The Syracuse Soft Matter and Biophysics seminar series brings faculty and students together to hear from some of the most eminent researchers in the field. These talks span a broad range of topics, highlighting the interdisciplinary and innovative nature of soft matter and biophysics physics today. The structure of the seminars and intimate setting allows for open dialogue between the speaker and audience, creating a space for deep understanding and collaboration.

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