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Engineering and Technology

From Form to Function: the Advanced Manufacturing of Smart Structures

December 15, 2021 at 7:30pm8:30pm EST

Virtual (See event details)

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Inspired from refined structures found in nature, Pranav Soman develops new processing and printing technologies to create structures using biological materials. His group, with multidisciplinary expertise in mechanical engineering, laser optics, biomaterials and cell biology, has developed a technology toolbox to address challenges in the fields of single cell biology, developmental biology, disease modeling, and tissue regeneration.

Chris Santangelo applies techniques from geometry and origami to understand and design shape-shifting materials that can fold themselves from a flat sheet to a three-dimensional structure. He aims to realize new ways to make complex shapes from tiny to large. The ability to control the shape and form of structures will ultimately give scientists and engineers a way to create materials whose mechanical properties can be tuned on demand.

As the leaders of the Smart Materials group in Syracuse University’s BioInspired Institute for Materials and Living Systems, Soman and Santangelo work at the forefront of advanced materials research to bring us the next generation of biomedical devices, machines, and responsive structures. Join them in this public presentation to learn how their work on advanced manufacturing techniques and fundamental materials understanding and control can lead to the tools of the future.

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