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Professional Development

BioInspired Project Management Series: Managers in Technical Projects

March 20, 2023 at 3:30am4:30pm EDT

Bowne Hall, 414

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The BioInspired Graduate & Postdoctoral Professional Development Program is excited to announce our next workshop series on Project Management, a valuable set of skills for scientists and engineers in the lab or any professional setting.

Workshop #2:  Managers in Technical Projects, Aaron Wolfe, Ichor Therapeutics

Management is a discipline created by and for knowledge workers and has shaped how we have grown our economies and our higher educational systems. Despite this, management as a discipline is largely unexplored in most Ph.D. programs, outside of business schools. We must all ask ourselves, in our modern fully globalized world—with vast unchecked degree inflation and slipping standards—how do we set up students for success? In this brief talk, Dr. Wolfe will highlight the benefits of integrating the field of management into our terminal degree training programs. Exploring the contemporary roles of industrial scientists and the challenges they face to engage the audience in ideating a path to create more competitive knowledge workers.

In this workshop series, industry professionals from Ichor Therapeutics (Lafayette, NY) and Jeremy Steinbacher, Director of Operations BioInspired will present four workshops and a panel discussion to introduce and refine concepts of Project Management. Workshops include:

  • The Nuts and Bolts of Project Management:  Monday, February 27, Jeremy Steinbacher, BioInspired Institute
  • Managers in Technical Projects: Monday, March 20 at 3:30-4:30PM Aaron Wolfe, PhD (SU), CSO Ichor Therapeutics   Register Now!
  • Modern Project Management Methodologies: Wednesday, April 12, Jeremy Steinbacher, PhD, BioInspired Institute
  • Stakeholder Management: Monday, May 1,  Kelsey Moody, PhD, MBA, CEO Ichor Therapeutics
  • Panel Discussion: May (date TBD)

Scientists and engineers routinely use aspects of project management without even realizing it, but these skillsets can be honed and used intentionally to enhance the successful execution of experiments, writing projects, and fostering collaborative efforts. Besides helping you more thoughtfully navigate your current projects at Syracuse, project management is an important, marketable skillset for future employment.

After attending four of these five events, you will earn the Project Management badge from the Professional Development Program, which can be displayed on your LinkedIn profile.

This event was published on February 22, 2023.

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