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Social Science and Public Policy

ASPI Speaker Series: AI and Democratic Values

March 24, 2021 at 3:00pm4:00pm EDT

Virtual (See event details)

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Political Norms for Deliberation in the Digital Age, presented by Fabienne Peter, University of Warwick

Abstract Legitimate political decision-making is underpinned by well-ordered political deliberation, including by the decision-makers themselves, their advisory bodies, and the public at large. But what constitutes well-ordered political deliberation? With the increasing importance of social media for political debate, this question has gained new prominence. The short answer to this question is that well-ordered political deliberation is governed by relevant norms. In my talk, I first discuss different types of norms that might govern well-ordered political deliberation. I then focus on one particular type of norms: epistemic norms. My aim is to shed light on how the validity of contributions to political deliberation depends, inter alia, on the epistemic status of the claims made.

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Passcode: 039156

Sponsored by the Autonomous Systems Policy Institute

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This event was published on March 15, 2021.

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