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Remembrance Scholars From the Archive // For the Archive

May 6, 2021May 15, 2021 EDT

Bird Library, 1st Floor

This event has already occurred. The information may no longer be valid.

An exhibition created by a group of current Remembrance Scholars of select creative pieces from the University’s Pan Am Flight 103/Lockerbie Air Disaster Archives on the first floor of Bird Library. The exhibit will showcase reproductions of poetry, artwork, sculpture and more from over the past few decades that follow the theme of our ongoing Poster competition. The exhibit will also display submissions for the competition, leading up to the announcement of the winning design on May 15th, 2021. Visit to learn more and to vote on your favorite poster.

Special thanks to Vanessa St. Oegger-Menn and the Posters Committee: Alec Rovensky, Jewél Jackson, Canab Sheekh Nurr, and Haley Robertson.

This event was published on May 7, 2021.

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