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Science and Mathematics

Syracuse University Research in Physics (SURPh) High School Summer Program | Poster Session & Closing Ceremony

August 5, 2022 at 2:00pm4:30pm EDT

Physics Building, 202

This event has already occurred. The information may no longer be valid.

The Department of Physics at Syracuse University will be hosting the final poster presentation session and closing ceremony of the inaugural Syracuse University Research in Physics (SURPh) summer high school program.

SURPh participants will showcase the results of their research in the culmination of our 6-week program during a final poster presentation session.


This summer, in partnership with the Syracuse City School District, the Syracuse University Physics Department launched SURPh, an initiative to bring high school students into our labs across the department. The Physics Department at Syracuse University seeks to have a significant impact on creating more physicists, scientists, and engineers by meeting students where they are and inviting them into our community to help them see themselves in these roles.

Inspired in part by SCSD graduate and SU Physics major, Ruell Branch, the department worked with SCSD on our goal to bring in historically excluded groups in physics, focusing on getting Black, Latino, and women students into the lab and their hands into research. Mentored by researchers, SURPh participants received basic biophysics wet lab training, learning to use microscopy and other techniques to work with bacteria and mammalian cell cultures. The SURPhers also learned coding, 3D printing design and execution, quantitative image analysis, and other computer basics for research.

This event was published on July 29, 2022.

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