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1972 Exhibition

September 1, 2022October 15, 2022 EDT

Bird Library, 1st Floor

This event has already occurred. The information may no longer be valid.

In celebration of Bird Library’s 50th anniversary, check out the exhibition display of various facets of culture in the world of 1972:

Pop Culture ‘72 

This display concentrates on what you may have been wearing, watching, and eating fifty years ago. The toys your kid brother and sister would have played with, the decorations that adorned your home when you returned home for a Thanksgiving dinner of turkey and artfully crafted Jell-O.

Current Events ‘72 

In the case near the first-floor elevators you can catch up on the current events of 1972. The year in politics, science, and sports.

The Music of ‘72 

On the fourth floor you will find a sprawling display of the popular music in 1972. Pop, rock, all the happening sounds of today. From Bowie to Roberta Flack, Stevie Wonder to Jim Croce.

This event was published on August 31, 2022.

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